Knives for Sale in Albuquerque
Knives for Sale in Albuquerque

Knives For Sale

The best knives for sale

Geoffrey Russell Outfitters has great knives for sale in addition to all of our great guns and accessories. As a hunting and shooting store, we know that a gun just gets you to the hard part of the hunt. When you are hunting there are few things equally as important as your knife. That is why at GRO, we pride ourselves in the knives that we have for sale.

Great knives by great companies

We strive to carry some of the very best knives to have for sale in our store. If we do not stock the brand you are looking for, please make sure to let us know. Chances are, we can order just the knife you are looking for. We have one of the largest selections of Boker knives in the state. In addition to Boker, we carry Steel Will Knives, Gerber, Morakniven, Cold Steel, Leatherman, Fremont Knives and much more.

Different knives for different needs

GRO carries a wide variety of knife types as well. We have all sorts of knives for sale to cater to all sorts of needs that people may have. From tactical to skinning, we have a great selection of knives for sale. If you are looking for just the right sheath knife for hunting or looking for a great EDC knife, we have the right knives at the right price.

A sharp blade…

Just as we strive to offer more than just being a gun store, by offering a gunsmith and training, we also strive to be more than just a place that has knives for sale. Every First Saturday of the month we have a professional knife sharpener at the store to help keep all your blades in top shape. We also have knive sharpeners and accessories for sale in order to help keep everything cutting well. Consider stopping by today to see the many knives that we have for sale.

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