ruger for sale in albuquerque
ruger for sale in albuquerque

Ruger For Sale

Best of Ruger For Sale

Geoffrey Russell Outfitters is proud to have a great variety of firearms made by Ruger for sale. Ruger is a company that has built it’s reputation on quality, well-priced guns. No matter if you are looking for rifles, shotguns, or pistols we have all of the great products made by Ruger for sale.

Ruger Pistols

One of the areas that Ruger has always been known for is the great pistols that they make. From the Ruger American Pistol to the LCR Revolver, we have the pistols from Ruger for sale that you are looking for. GRO stocks and sells many of Ruger’s pistols and would be happy to help you order any pistol that we may not have in stock. Ruger sells a wide range of pistols in both semi-auto and revolver.

Ruger Rifles

There are few companies that have as many popular rifles for sale as Ruger. Ruger’s 10/22 is the best selling rifle of all time and it is a reputation that is well-deserved. Ruger makes rifles for many purposes from plinking to precision shooting and big-game hunting. If you are interested in competition, you cannot beat the Ruger Precision Rifle. If hunting is more your style, the M77 rifle is a standard for hunters. If you are in the market for a new rifle, make sure to stop by Geoffrey Russell Outfitters today and see the many Ruger’s that we have for sale.

American Made

One of the other great benefits of buying a Ruger firearm is the fact that they are all made in America. When you are looking to buy a gun, there are many different criteria to consider. Ruger makes an American product that offers a great value for the price. Ruger is an innovative company that is always bringing new and exciting products to the firearms market. Stop by GRO today and see the many options we have from Ruger for sale.

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