shotguns for sale in albuquerque
shotguns for sale in albuquerque

Shotguns for Sale

Simply the best

Geoffrey Russell Outfitters prides itself on having simply the best shotguns for sale on the market today. The shotgun market is more exciting than ever before and GRO is your source for shotguns. Today, shotguns have become very specialized in their use and choosing the right shotgun for the right purpose requires knowledge and expertise, something that you will find at GRO.

What type of shotgun

When you are looking at shotguns for sale, you probably have some sort of idea of what you are going to use that shotgun for.  The use for shotguns ranges from self-defense and competition, to hunting everything from quail to deer. Even within those specializations, you have to decide if you are looking at a semi-auto, pump, over and under, side by side, single shot, or bolt action. Once you have some sort of idea the sort of action that you are looking for in a shotgun, then you have to have an idea of what gauge you are looking for. Is a 20 ga enough or do you need a 12 ga? Will a .410 work for my needs or do I need to look at something larger? As you can see there are many options when searching through all the shotguns for sale. Let our staff at Geoffrey Russell Outfitters help you navigate this maze and find the perfect shotgun for you.

Many shotgun brands for sale

The gun market is exciting right now because there are so many companies making shotguns for sale. That same excitement can also lead to becoming a bit overwhelmed. Geoffrey Russell Outfitters carries some of the very best brands in the business so you can always know you are buying a great shotgun. Brands like Benelli, Franchi, Browning, Winchester, Mossberg, Beretta, and Ruger all make wonderful shotguns that will match your needs and your budget.

More than just shotguns for sale

At GRO we have much more than just shotguns for sale. We have the ammo that you need to feed that hungry shotgun. We carry the cleaning supplies that you need to keep that shotgun working at peak performance. We also carry all the accessories that you will need to maximize the usefulness of your shotgun, not matter how you plan to use it. Also, if you happen to need to have your shotgun repaired or upgraded, our experienced gunsmith will be more than happy to take care of you. At Geoffrey Russell Outfitters we want to be more than just a place that you find shotguns for sale, we want to be your lifelong partner in hunting and shooting.

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